Cargo bike as a child transporter.


A Mekaroo Cargo Bicycle is a child transporter, grocery getter, errand runner, picnic carrier, and has countless other fun uses.

A Mekaroo can also be a work bike. It can be an attention getting delivery vehicle, carry bulky items, a campus mail vehicle, good will generator, advertising medium, and on and on. Low cost, easy maintanance and no gasoline makes the Mekaroo a wise choice for many business applications.

Mekaroo Cargo Bikes are also known as bakfiets, dutch style bicycles, long johns, dutch cargo bikes, box bikes, family bike or utility bicycles.

Mekaroo Cargo Bicycles is located near Toledo, Ohio. Toledo is an easy drive from just about anywhere in Ohio, Michigan or Indiana. Call for an appointment and directions.  Delivery is available within 300 miles of Toledo.

Mekaroo Cargo Bicycles are slightly similar in design to kangaroos only much better. 
Both have a pouch in front and travel on the power of two feet.  Mekaroos are superior
because they have a much larger carrying capacity, require no feeding and best of all
no poop scoop required.  You could say that when riding a Mekaroo, you have transformed
yourself into part kangaroo.  Hop to it and get your Mekaroo now.